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Barcelona experiences
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Discover the best of Barcelona with our Barcelona experiences and tours and immerse yourself in the rich culture, history, and beauty of this vibrant catalan city. Explore authentic places that only locals know about and experience the real essence of Barcelona.

Our tours are designed to give you unforgettable memories and a unique perspective of this fascinating city. Because Barcelona is "guapa" (beautiful)!

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Authentic experiences

Experience the authenticity of Barcelona through the eyes of a local.

Enjoyable tours

Discover Barcelona with our fun and entertaining tours. You won't be bored!

Cultural fusion

A unique opportunity to learn about local culture while sharing your own.

Private tours

Our groups are small to guarantee a personalized and authentic experience. Live an unforgettable adventure in Barcelona!

Check out our tours in Barcelona designed and based on what you like the most

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And also,

Discover the best gastronomy in Barcelona with our personalized map-guide!

Download our gastronomic guide with the best recommendations of bars and restaurants in Barcelona, and go on your own!


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How do locals live in Barcelona?
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