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¿Why Barcelona is Guapa?

Updated: Jan 8

Before Barcelona was announced as Olympic host city, in October 1986, the Barcelona City Council launched a campaign to organize the configuration of public space, promote the rehabilitation of buildings and spread the city's heritage: "BARCELONA, POSA'T GUAPA!" Something like "BARCELONA, GET PRETTY!".

It was December 1985 and Barcelona was a gray and dull city, so a facelift was a must. The campaign consisted of encouraging the people of Barcelona to restore facades and party walls, and had the support of sponsoring companies and organizations. In this way, subsidies were offered to all those who carried out restoration and improvement work on private properties, thus helping to protect and conserve the city's residential heritage.

Barcelona posa't guapa campaign
Old advertisement olympic Barcelona Games 92

A multitude of commercials were placed in the mass media, today, some of which could be questionable or politically incorrect, but it is also true that an era began where it was common to see buildings covered with tarpaulins everywhere that later discovered new colors and textures, and that made Barcelona a more beautiful and colorful city.

25 years later, more than 27,000 buildings had been rehabilitated, 31.15% of the total number of buildings in the city as of December 2010. In other words, practically 1 out of every 3 buildings in the city had been remodeled.

In addition, this campaign led to what later became the Institute of Urban Landscape and Quality of Life (1997), belonging to the City Council, which has continued to develop this and other campaigns to improve the city.

Undoubtedly Barcelona, posa't guapa has been one of the most successful campaigns in our city, which together with the large investments for the Barcelona 92 Olympics, filled with enthusiasm to its inhabitants and made Barcelona the city it is today. A city that we can all enjoy, with more beautiful buildings and full of details, as well as a city open to the sea with a multitude of facilities and good communications.

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It is also true that a big city like Barcelona is always in constant renovation and that many of the great works promised in recent years suffer delays and lack of investment. In recent years we see it a little more neglected and dirty than before, but still, we can say that Barcelona is a beautiful city. In my opinion it has the perfect size and offers beauty everywhere thanks to its emblematic buildings (such as Sagrada Familia, Casa Milà, Casa Batlló and many others) and the not so well known ones that are inspired by the rest through their facades, balconies, portals and endless details that you will discover if you visit the city.

For this reason, I believe that, although there is always room for improvement, BARCELONA IS GUAPA and is the perfect city to enjoy, get to know, discover and savor. Will you let Guapalona accompany you?

Barcelona overview
Barcelona skyline

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