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Hi! I'm Maria, a journalist, entrepreneur, and passionate local guide in Barcelona.

Since I was a child, I grew up between two small villages in Vallés Oriental, near Granollers, north of Barcelona. My interest in current affairs, journalism, and radio led me to pursue a career in the media. However, my thirst for adventure and my love for traveling pushed me to take a different path. So, with my backpack full of dreams, I set out on a six-month journey through the United States, Mexico, and Guatemala. Without a doubt, one of the best decisions of my life.

When I returned from this unforgettable experience, I decided to leave my "stable" job in communication&marketing in the local TV of Barcelona, Betevé, and embark on my first project, Palapita, a website for people that lives in tiny homes while working as a freelance marketing and communications consultant. It was then, almost by chance (and also a bit bored of being all day on the computer), that the opportunity arose to share my love for Barcelona by offering unique experiences.

"I love this," I thought. So I started it as a hobby to have the perfect excuse to walk the streets of Barcelona, be in contact with people from all over and earn some extra money. Besides, this opportunity combined wonderfully some of my passions: Barcelona and traveling, and getting to know different cultures around the world.

I started little by little, and almost without realizing it, I was soon doing more tours than any of my other jobs, so I decided to dedicate myself professionally to it. More than 4 years have passed since then, and during this time I have not stopped learning and rediscovering my own city through its history, culture, legends, and anecdotes in order to offer the best and most complete experiences in Barcelona.

This exciting trajectory and my passionate interests have led to the creation of Guapalona, a new project in which I also use my journalistic side through the blog. A platform that will allow you to explore Barcelona through the eyes of a true local, with unique experiences, exciting activities and exclusive maps of the city, that will allow you to live Barcelona in the most authentic and unforgettable way you can imagine.

Would you wanna join me?

Welcome to Barcelona!

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Discover Barcelona through the eyes of a real local and our vision about the city.

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